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Welcome to our family run farm located between Meppershall and Shefford in Central Bedfordshire. This part of south-east Bedfordshire is a transition point from the flatter parts of East Anglia and the fens to the more hilly parts of the Chilterns and Cotswolds.

Michael Foster moved to part of the current farm at Fowlers Farm in Meppershall in 1936. 90 acres together with farmhouse and 4 terraced cottages at the top end of the High St were bought privately after they failed to make the reserve at auction of £1200! His own father continued farming at Wymondley hall between Hitchin and Stevenage. His brother took that on after World War 2 and his family continue to farm there.
In 1942 the adjacent Polehanger Farm was bought from the Gudgin family now at Shefford Mill to make a total of 365 acres. In 1968 a further 60 acres were added at Woodhall Farm next door.

As eldest, Chris, was encouraged to return to the farm after university and learnt the trade. Gradually the business moved away from a genuine mixed farm with dairy cows, poultry, cereal crops and brussell sprouts to concentrate on winter cereals and milk.

In 1983/84 the dairy herd was the highest yielding officially recorded herd in England measured by litres of milk per cow and third highest when measured by weight of fat and protein solids in the milk.

Subsequently, following the imposition of milk quotas the dairy herd was sold on 30th August 1991 and a Contract farm Agreement was entered into with a neighbouring farmer, Mark Brinkley. The arable side of the farm now consists of a mix of Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape and Beans all grown on a rotational crop basis.

The old dairy buildings and other agricultural use barns have since been renovated and turned in to commercially let property. Other new light industrial buildings have also been added.

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Polehanger Field Fire

Polehanger Field Fire

Unfortunately, this year we fell victim to a surprisingly rare occurence of a field fire. Considering the required dry conditions for harvest this is only the third time in my …