Woodland at the farm

Here at Polehanger Farm, there are approximately 17 hectares (42 acres) of woodland. 8 of these are publicly accessible within the Polehanger Farm River Woodland via permissive paths running through the entire length.

About the woodland

The Polehanger Farm River Woodland is a former grassland river meadow used by the Polehanger Farm dairy herd until 1991. The River Woodland was created in 2000 with a grant from the Rural Payments Agency and Forestry Commission, England.  It covers 8.1 hectares, roughly the size of ten football pitches.

Approximately 14,000 trees were planted in 2000; the predominant species being Oak and Ash, in addition to a mix of Sycamore, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Hazel and Hawthorn.

Our long-term goal is to provide a sustainable community asset.  Access is provided through permissive paths throughout the woodland, linking the existing public and permissive footpath network running through Polehanger Farm.

Nature trail

As you walk through the woodland, you can take part in a nature trail and discover some of the trees and animals that live in and around it. Look out for the marked posts and their rubbing plaques. Can you find all 8?

Animals: Red Kite, Dragonfly, Kingfisher, Bumble Bee
Trees: Ash, Field Maple, Oak, Hazel

This nature trail has been set up by Polehanger Farms Ltd with the support of Meppershall Parish Council.

Woodland care

Please ensure that you keep to the paths in order to protect the flora and fauna and ensure that important habitats are not disturbed.

Please take any rubbish home and leave the woodland in a state that you would expect to find It, so that everyone can continue to enjoy it.

This is an actively managed woodland, based on a Forestry Commission approved plan.  Work may be carried out at various points within the year, including path grass cutting, tree trimming, tree thinning and felling.

If you spot anything that does not seem right within the woodland, please report it to the following email address, along with any photographs you have taken – woodland@polehanger.co.uk

Woodland access

At this time, the River Woodland is only accessible via foot from either Shefford, Campton or Meppershall.

From Shefford, access from Churchill Way and walk along the public footpath that passes under the A507 following the waymakers once you reach the other side.

From Campton follow the public footpath at the end of Mill Lane down along the river and over the footbridge towards the Woodland.

From Meppershall, walk past the Village Hall and down the Crackle Hill footpath. Continue until you reach the Woodhall Farm drive where you bear right, then left towards the Woodland entrance.

Seasonal fun