Pumpkin Trail

We’ve hidden 8 pumpkins with spooky names throughout the River Woodland at Polehanger Farm.

Can you find them in the woods and spot the link to each name?

About the trail

When and where you can take part


The Polehanger Pumpkin Trail will take place within the Polehanger Farm River Woodland. You can learn more about the woodland and how to find it here. Please note that access is strictly via foot from either Shefford, Campton or Meppershall. No parking is available at the farm.


The trail will be open from Sunday 23rd of October until Tuesday 1st November. This is aimed to coincide with Autumn half term for local schools.


The trail is a bit of seasonal fun. Come and find the 8 Polehanger Pumpkins, spot the link to each name, and enjoy the trail with friends and family. Don’t forget your wellies!


Metres of trail




Spooky names


Days to search

Have fun and enjoy the walk!

Please ensure the pumpkins are all left where you find them so that others can enjoy the trail.

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Let us know what you thought of the trail, any suggestions for the future or even if you’d like to share some photos with us for our gallery.

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